Newsletter November 2014

Pixels (Ad Network) is #1 in Hong Kong

Pixels (Ad Network) has become the largest ad network by reach in Hong Kong according to comScore Media Metrix October 2014 data. Pixels (Ad Network) now reaches over 4.326 million unique users on a monthly basis and reaches 91.6% of all internet users in Hong Kong. Asides from overall reach, our network also leads in key verticals such as Technology, News, Entertainment, Parenting, Travel and more.

Brands Tapped on Qian Xun Pre-roll Video ad

Qian Xun (千尋), one of the most popular integrated video search platforms, consolidates video content from various major video sites, and provides users convenient search and playback video services.

With over 20 million downloads, pre-roll video ads are now available at Qian Xun (千尋). Brands like Chanel, Melco Crown Entertainment, KAO, OLAY, Ocean Park and more… have already launched their first campaign on Qian Xun (千尋) video platforms to broaden their exposure. To let your video campaign deliver real success with this powerful entertainment video platform, find out more with Pixels Limited.

Metro Daily Mobile App Changes a New Look

Metro Daily has been launched since April 15, 2002. It is distributed free-of-charge from Monday through Friday in MTR stations and other key central locations. The extensive distribution network enables Metro Daily to reach young metropolitans and become their daily news fix early in the morning.

In order to provide better experience for app users, Metro Daily has undergone major revamp on their app starting from September 2014. New enhancements include Metro TV, clearer highlights, instant news update, calendar to retrieve previous news etc. You can now catch up on Metro Daily the latest news anytime. Go check out immediately, explore your new ad opportunities with Pixels Limited.

New HTML5 mobile rich media format, Video Stream, now available

In addition to our exclusive mobile rich media ad formats - RM5 which widely launched with the major brands such as Dior, Estee Lauder, BMW, KFC, Sony, Puma, Ocean Park and more, we are pleased to introduce our newest mobile rich media ad format - Video Stream.

Video Stream is available exclusively on all apps and mobile internet sites represented by Pixels and features playing in-App video through crazy ad automatically for advertisers to engage users and showcase their products.

Video Stream features include:

  • In-App & Full Screen View presented through a crazy ad
  • Full HTML5 built
  • In-app video played automatically
  • Tap to multiple actions

Sizzling Hot Multi Screen Campaigns

Following the launch as the multi-screen advertising company last month, Pixels provides solutions to advertisers to reach their most desired audiences across desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TV. Recently, multi-screen solutions on desktop & mobile were built for Rolex, Hang Seng Bank and Bupa Insurance with ad placements of Rich Media and In-Stream video accordingly to meet brand-marketing objectives. Check out the most extensive multi-screen advertising solutions on Pixels!