Newsletter May 2015

Introduction to Stand News

Stand News is a Hong Kong news portal which is newly-established on December 2014 with its independent editorial policy and aim to act as a voice for Hong Kong. Since become one of the fastest growing and most authoritative news platforms in Hong Kong covering website and tablets, they are committed to protect Hong Kong’s core value such as democracy, human rights and freedom. The portal is running by a trust with board of director which includes 8 famous community people like Dr. Margaret Ng (吳靄儀) and Ms. Christine M S Fang, BBS (方敏生).

Stand News has a wide range variety of news, sports and lifestyle content for both local and international matter. Editors usually use their unique angle to deeply-analysis the issues. Blogger articles are one of the valuable sources of the portal which enrich the content of the website. There are a lot of famous articles by葉朗程 and 楊天帥 which have high views and share among the city.

New concept of advertising: Branded Content
Stand News does not only focus on display ads but also be a pioneer of sponsored content. A team of writers, editors, designers help their business partners create quality branded content on Stand News in order to clearly reflect the brands' goals and messages, so that to increase the brand visibility and drive more social conversation.

Drama Fever in Summer!

Qian Xun Ying Shi (千尋影視) is a popular integrated video search platform consolidating video contents from major video sites across mainland China and Hong Kong. It is well known with great proportion of audience base, which has reflected by substantial download rates and daily active users. It has now become a platform with over 4 million page views and over 1.5 million video views daily. Pre-roll video ad has been occupying inventories in different mobile platform, iOS & Android included.

The Mac version is now available for Mac users! It ranked #2 in all categories and #1 in free entertainment app on Mac store. It is a great chance for advertisers locating higher end users in cross screen by Qian Xun.

Producers – Another recommended Korea Drama featured by famous stars such as Kim Soo Hyun, IU , Cha Tae-Hyun, charactering the life of a variety show producer. This is the must see drama and you do not want to miss. Check it out the latest episode with translated subtitle on Qian Xun!

Time to have you campaign cross screen, and Qian Xun is the choice. To learn more, please contact us.

Real Time Weather Integration; New HTML5 Mobile Ad Format Now Available

Pixels innovative HTML5 mobile rich media formats are widely launched by the major brands and achieved a successful milestone on our HTML5 technology. With the continued effects and dedication on the HTML5 technology development, we are pleased to introduce our newest mobile rich media ad format – Weather is now available to all advertisers and agencies.

Weather is now available exclusively on all apps and mobile Internet sites represented by Pixels and features displaying real-time value from Hong Kong Observatory through a crazy ad for advertisers to engage user and showcase their products with different creative.

Weather features include:

  • In-App & Full Screen View presented through a crazy ad
  • Display of real-time value based on one Hong Kong Observatory data
  • Real-time data from Hong Kong Observatory includes: Temperature, Humidity, UV index and Weather forecast
  • 3 images (max) display based on your pre-defined ranges
  • Separate or same landing URL for each Image

Our clients have launched their cool ads using our innovative HTML5 modules, please contact our sales team to make a great one for your brand.