Newsletter April 2015

MSN x HSBC: the special HK$150 banknote online subscription

MSN Hong Kong proudly presents HSBC's 150th Anniversary campaign using MSN's Custom Header – the specially designed, largest ad unit on the MSN homepage. The campaign launching the memorable HKD150 denomination banknote marks the milestone of HSBC growing with Hong Kong for the past century and a half. HSBC has been in a long term partnership with MSN to promote its banking and finance business online to the high profile MSN users who have the highest average income* and are the most brand conscious* amongst the portals in Hong Kong.

Major brands, McDonald's, Discovery Bay and Tao Heung Restaurants deliver ads on iQIYI in Hong Kong

iQIYI is the first in the industry to launch a multi-screen video platform strategy, enabling video service across various devices including connected TVs, PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

Pixels and iQIYI's partnership empowers advertisers to forge strong emotional connections with their audience through online video. With this new advertising opportunity, major brands including McDonald's, Tao Heung Group, Discovery Bay have launched their first campaigns on the iQIYI video platform to broaden their exposure to users on the go and online.

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Pixels' Display Ad Network: The Better, Transparent and Brand Safe Choice for Brands

Pixels' Ad Network is all about quality local inventory, offering advertisers transparency with an open site list and brand safety measures in place to ensure your ads never appear in undesirable environments. Our reach is over 82% of Hong Kong internet users, as audited by comScore across 19 content and demographic channels from over 600 quality inventory partners. Advertising formats include standard display and rich media formats such as In-stream Video, Half-page, Floating LREC, Catfish and more. Dior recently launched their skincare campaign with a Floating Video ad unit on the Pixels Ad Network. To learn more, please contact us.

Pixels CEO honoured at HK Association of Interactive Marketing's Media Awards

Pixels CEO Kevin Huang was honoured at the HK Association of Interactive Marketing’s Media Awards. He was named the 2014 Digital Marketing Hero, the highest accolade awarded to an individual for their contributions to digital ad industry in Hong Kong. Read more at Campaign Asia.