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Pixels' Ad Marketplace Q1, 2017 Benchmark Report

FYI Series: Mobile Rules

10 Useful Tips for Programmatic Buying

Pixels' Ad Marketplace Q1, 2017 Viewability Benchmark Report

Pixels Mobile Ad Marketplace Reach, March 2017

Campaign Showcases

Product Placements – customer showcase

Mastercard Sponsorships on DayDayCook

Valentino launch Advertorial on Style-Tips

Samsung launch Advertorial on Stand News

Sponsored Channels – customer showcase

Adidas BPL Sponsorship on Now Soccer

illuma Sponsorship on FAM101

HSBC Channel Sponsorship on MSN

Live! Events – event showcase

Samsung Experience Day with DCFever

Wyeth Illuma ‘Sound of Talent’ Music Event

Fashion Walk ‘Found the Sound’ music performance series with Spotify

Facebook Fans Ad Marketplace – customer showcase

Wyeth Illuma