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Pixels' Ad Marketplace Q1, 2017 Benchmark Report

FYI Series: Mobile Rules

10 Useful Tips for Programmatic Buying

Pixels' Ad Marketplace Q1, 2017 Viewability Benchmark Report

Pixels' Mobile Ad Marketplace Reach, March 2017

Pixels' Ad Marketplace Q4, 2017 Benchmark Report

Campaign Showcases

Product Placements – customer showcase

Mastercard Sponsorships on DayDayCook

Valentino launch Advertorial on Style-Tips

Samsung launch Advertorial on Stand News

Sponsored Channels – customer showcase

Adidas BPL Sponsorship on Now Soccer

illuma Sponsorship on FAM101

HSBC Channel Sponsorship on MSN

Live! Events – event showcase

Samsung Experience Day with DCFever

Wyeth Illuma ‘Sound of Talent’ Music Event

Fashion Walk ‘Found the Sound’ music performance series with Spotify

Facebook Fans Ad Marketplace – customer showcase

Wyeth Illuma