Got questions?

We know there are a lot of questions going through your mind right now. Here are some answers to hopefully, some of them. If you have further questions, do pick up the phone or open up your e-mail client and drop Pixels a line. We’ll be happy to help.

  • What is Flash?

    Also known as Shockwave Flash, Flash is a proprietary binary format created by Adobe. It allows animation, games, video and other interactivity to be created and packaged into a binary SWF file. The programming of Flash is done in Adobe’s ActionScript scripting language.

  • What is in a Flash ad creative?

    A Flash ad banner creative usually consists of a single SWF file. All the graphics, fonts and animation are contained within the SWF file. If the ad creative is a video ad, an additional FLV file, which is the movie file, may also be included.

  • What is HTML5?

    HTML5 is the fifth revision of the Hypertext Markup Language standard set by the WC3 consortium. It is the language in which the World Wide Web (WWW) is written. Programing of HTML5 is done using JavaScript.

  • What is in a HTML5 ad creative?

    A HTML5 ad creative can be a single HTML file or it can be a set of HTML files, CSS files, JS files and images contained in a folder or series of folders.

  • What is CSS?

    CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and are the manner in which much layouts, design and animation in HTML5 ad creatives are defined.

  • What is JS or JavaScript?

    JS is JavaScript. It is a programming / scripting language for the Web. Much of the interactivity, logic and animation of HTML5 ad creative are written in JavaScript.

  • What about video ad units?

    All modern browsers support in-banner video in HTML5. Intead of FLV files, video in HTML5 is provided in MP4, OGM or WEBM format.

  • Why is my HTML5 ad package so big?

    Adobe Flash is a compressed binary format. HTML5 is not compressed. A similar creative created using HTML5 may be 2 – 4 times larger than it’s Flash counterpart.

  • What is Swiffy?

    Swiffy is a tool by Google for converting SWF files (Flash files) to HTML5. Swiffy can handle simple SWF files only, so more complex Flash files may not be able to be converted. Swiffy is also available as a plug-in to Adobe Flash, so your designers can publish HTML5 files directly from Adobe Flash.

  • What is Adobe Edge?

    Adobe Edge in this case might refer to Adobe Edge Animate, which is a program by Adobe to create animations in HTML5. Adobe Edge Animate can be used to create HTML5 ad creatives. Please note the difference between Adobe Edge Reflow, which is an Adobe program to create responsive websites.

  • What is Ad Builder for HTML5?

    Ad Builder for HTML5 is an online tool by Sizmek for creating HTML5 ad creatives. Please contact your Sizmek representative for more information.

  • What is Google Web Designer?

    Google Web Designer is a free program from Google to create HTML5 creatives. You can use GWD to create HTML5 ad banners. It’s a free tool, so please look online for tutorials or guides.

  • What is DoubleClick Studio?

    DoubleClick Studio is a tool from Google to create rich media creatives to be trafficking to DFA or DFP. DoubleClick Studio is able to create HTML5 ad creatives. Please contact your Google representative for more information.

  • Will this change to HTML5 cause problems?

    You know it! While HTML5 is a standard, there is no standard way to create or deliver a HTML5 ad as of yet. Each ad server / ad network / ad company has it’s own way of delivering HTML5 ads.

    Make no mistake, HTML5 is a standard. However creating and delivering HTML5 ads has not yet been completely standardized.

    There may also be various issues with security and cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerability issues that arise once more widespread adoption of HTML5 ads is commonplace.